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foreign policy vision with that of president obama's today. now this is amid questions about the u.s. embassy attack in libya last month. meantime president obama is reaching out to hollywood for support. president obama is raising more cash in california today. last night at a star studded los angeles fundraiser the president joked about his lackluster debate performance following songs from katie perry and stevie wonder. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president also accused his opponent mitt romney of backing away from campaign promises. >> obviously the governor knows his $5 trillion tax cut isn't too popular so a few weeks before this election he's trying to pretend it doesn't exist. >> reporter: romney is in virginia today for a rally and what is being called a major foreign policy address. excerpts from the speech have already been released. romney wants a change of course in the middle east including tougher sanctions on iran and he'll call on the u.s. to work with other nations to arm rebels in syria with weapons th
questions about security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi and whether the death of ambassador chris stevens and three others could have been prevented. >>> bullying backlash. a television anchor responds to a viewer who criticizes her for being overweight. >> attacks like this are not okay. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, october 3, 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. round one tonight. this evening president obama and mitt romney face off in the first of three scheduled debates. the topic tonight in denver domestic affairs including the economy, health care reform and immigration and the clock is ticking. the election is less than five weeks away and the stakes are high. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning to you? >> reporter: first debates get the most attention of all of them and the first 30 minutes are said to be the most important. president obama needs to hold on to the momentum he's built. mitt romney needs to turn the entire race around with tens of millions of people watching tonight. the stage is built. the cameras are in place.
in afghanistan that left two americans dead. the casualties push the number of u.s. personnel killed in afghanistan to 2,000. the circumstances of saturday's violence remains unclear but a fire fight broke out at a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan. what nato hasn't determined so far was the gun battle a result of an insider attack or a deadly misunderstanding. drew levinson reports. >> reporter: this weekend marked the deadly milestone in afghanistan. 2,000 american soldiers killed since the war began nearly 11 years ago. it happened at a checkpoint in the eastern part of the country. one american soldier, an american contractor and three afghan soldiers were killed in a fire fight. >> the circumstances were somewhat confused but there was a report of insurgent firing taking place which we believe may have been a factor. >> reporter: nato did not say whether this was another in a series of insider attacks, where afghan security forces turned on coalition troops. these so-called green on blue attacks have left at least 52 international forces dead this year. the u.s. commander in afg
, was in charge of security at the u.s. consulate in libya, where the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed. >>> debate night. the candidates for the white house tangle in the second of three debates. president obama is hoping for a rebound, while mitt romney looks for another strong performance. >>> and fighting chance. doctors in england say the young girl shot if i taliban has a good outlook for recovery. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, and thanks for joining us. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for the security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. speaking to reporters on a trip to peru, clinton said security at all of america's diplomatic missions is her job. clinton is pushing back against republicans who have been highly critical of the obama administration's response to the deadly attack. the september 11 attack in benghazi killed ambassador chris stevens along with three other americans, and in the weeks since then, the administration has struggled to present a clear picture of what happened. last night in peru, hillary clinton
's not as big as yours. >> and libya in focus. the candidates spar over the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> whether it was misleading or instead whether we just didn't know what happened you have to ask yourself why didn't we know? >> the suggestion that anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. >> while at the same time hundreds gather to pay their respects to slain ambassador chris stevens. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, october 17, 2012. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm vinita nair. the second presidential debate of campaign 2012 turned out to be a contentious political prize fight. after his passive performance in the first meeting, a clearly fired up president obama pressed the attack against mitt romney. but romney did not back down and the sparks flew. the candidates argued about everything from the economy to foreign affairs as the president worked to make up ground lost following their first meeting. randall pinkston is at the de/* debate site. >> reporter: the "new york times"
candidate for the u.s. senate is in hot water for remarks concerning rape and abortion. this time it's the republican candidate in indiana richard murdoch. during a debate last night he was asked whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest. he said this. >> struggled myself for a long time, life is a gift from god and even in that horrible situation it may be something god intended for it to happen. >> he later clarified god doesn't want rape. >> this week romney campaign ran an ad supporting murdoch but after last night it distanced itself. governor romney disagrees with robert murdoch's views. in august, todd akin said women's bodies can reject pregnancy from a legitimate rape. >> cbs news obtained alerts while the attack was under way. >> reporter: the emails contained the earliest descriptions so far as what happened in benghazi the night of the attack. at 4:05:00 p.m. eastern time on september 11th an alert was issued to a number of government and intelligence agencies. included were the white house situation room, the office of director intelligence and the fb
information to use military force when the u.s. consulate in been yazy was attacked. the obama administration is facing criticism that left ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans dead. david martin reports. >> reporter: two and a half hours after the attack began a drone was diverted to the consulate in benghazi. that plus a second unarmed drone dispatched four hours and 15 minutes later were the only military forces sent to the scene of the attack. commandos were dispatched from europe to sigonella, sicily. by the time they got there the attack in benghazi was over. leon panetta defended the response saying the situation on the ground was too confusing. >> you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on, without having some real-time information about what's taking place. >> reporter: he said senior officers including general carter hamm and general martin dempsey all opposed military intervention. >> general hamm, general dempsey and i felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation. >> the attack occurred on the anniversar
since the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya was attacked. four americans were killed. there are questions and criticism of the u.s. response to the attack. congress is opening its own investigation. at the state department margaret brennan reports secretary clinton promises a full accounting. >> reporter: were there requests for increase in security in been gazay and did your office reject those requests? >> let me start by cautioning everyone against seizing on any single statement or piece of information to draw a final conclusion. over the course of this review there will naturally be a number of statements made, some of it -- some of which will be borne out and some of which will not. >> reporter: clinton and her aides have consistently pointed to intelligence reports that indicated there was no threat to the u.s. mission, and that it was intelligence agencies that initially said the attack was sparked by a spontaneous demonstration. >> i am aware too that many people are eager for answers. so am i, margaret and no one wants the answers more than we do here at the
about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, cbs news goes inside the compound where the assault took place. >>> man versus mountain. an extreme bike stunt goes bad. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, october 10, 2012. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning the race for the white house veered from a focus on the economy to an emotionally charged debate on social issues. in an interview yesterday with "the des moines register" mitt romney said he would not pursue abortion related legislation if elected president. >> there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> after the interview romney campaign said governor romney is pro life and would support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life. romney has repeatedly said the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade. the ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. and that he would cut funding to planned parenthood, an organization that provides abortion. the obama campaign says we know about the truth
threatening to bomb the federal reserve bank here in new york. the fbi says he came to the u.s. intent on waging a holy war and was ready to die in the attack. >> reporter: 21-year-old quazi mohammad rezwanul ahsan nafis stood in a manhattan courthouse wednesday hours after he allegedly tried to blow up part of america's financial infrastructure. authorities say nafis wanted to detonate a bomb outside of the federal reserve bank of new york. the building where transactions from the nation's largest banks are processed and where a large reserve of gold is stored. he dime the u.s. on a student visa in january to study cyber security. that lasted one semester. the fbi started watching him after he tried setting up a terror cell using an online chat room and facebook. undercover agents started working with nafis posing as al qaeda operatives. he told one agent, what i really mean is that i don't want something that's like small i just want something big. very big. his first target wall street. >> he goes to the new york stock exchange, sees there's significant security there and shifts his
news, nashville, tennessee. >> overseas a team of fbi investigators visited the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya collected evidence and left after about 12 hours. the fbi has been trying to reach benghazi since the september 11th attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others. u.s. special forces provided security for yesterday's investigation. >>> late last night united nations security council unanimously approved a statement condemning syria's shelling of a turkish border town. five civilians were killed. the u.n. called on syria to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors. >>> if you're flying on american airlines today you may be in for a rough ride. american is cancelling dozens of its flights today as it works to fix seats. over the last week seats on three american flights came loose. american blames wear, poor design and spilled soda. seats are being removed and reinstalled. american cancelled 50 flights yesterday and 44 more today. >>> cbs money watch time now on a friday morning. crunching jobs numbers and a status update on a record number of facebook
here on cbs. >>> the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya has become a campaign issue. during a politically charged congressional hearing yesterday, two key issues were on the table. whether security was adequate and the administration's characterization of what happened immediately following the attack. sharyl attkisson has the report. >> reporter: the state department's eric nordstrom was the lead security official in libya and said he told his headquarters getting adequate security was the hardest part of his dangerous job. >> it's not the hardship, not the gunfire, not the threats, it's dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. i added it for me the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel andrew wood headed a special military team whose mission ended and was not extended a month before the september 11th attack. he told us he felt the same frustration. >> so all the experts on the ground are telling headquarters at the state department we need this. and the answer kept com
in bangladesh, nafis came to the u.s. on a student visa in january. he took classes at southeast missouri university for one semester. one student there said nafis gave him a koran and in one conversation spoke admirably about osama bin laden. >> he told me he did not believe that osama bin laden was involved in the twin tower, that he believed that bin laden was a very good religious man and that a good devout faithful muslim would not do something like that. >> but bangladesh students said they became alarmed when his political views became radicalized. they said nafis watched an al qaeda video while on an airplane. nafis then moved to new york city to attend a computer programming school. it was around that same time that nafis showed up on their radar reaching out for accomplices to help him carry out an attack. that's when agents set up a sting operation. on wednesday they arrested him on charges trying to detonate a 1,000-pound bomb outside of the federal reserve. law enforcement officials said they made sure the bomb was harmless. nafis is currently being held without bond. if conv
-- cartridges that deliver insulin to diabetes. it's a disease that affects nearly 26 million americans. u.s. newspaper circulation was flat from april through september. a media industry group says "the wall street journal" kept its position as the number one newspaper. "u.s.a. today" was second. "the new york times" was third. that's your money watch. for more go to cbsmoneywatch.com. in new york, i'm lex leg. >>> seems like -- i'm alexis christoforous. >>> seems like forever but we're now a few days away from election 2012. >> the presidential campaign will be back in full gear today. 9news now returns in two minutes. stay with us. [ harry umlaut ] here we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"... "have you been through the five stages of muller yet?" "yeah, just now." [ male announc
says he would allow some young illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. >>> loose landings. two american airlines jets in three days are diverted after passenger seats come loose mid flight. >>> and striking abilities. there's more than meets the eye about this inspiring star of an online video. >> my disability doesn't define who i am. my disability gives me a challenge every day. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you. immigration reform will likely be one of the key issues at tomorrow's debate between president obama and mitt romney. mitt romney says he'd honor work permits issued to young illegal immigrants issued by president obama. until now he hadn't said how he would address that issue. susan mcginness is covering it in washington. >> reporter: these are two-year work permits for these young people. romney says before they expire, he will put in a comprehensive immigration reform plan. the question now is will he give details on that at tomorrow night's debate? more than 5,000 people packed the air and space museum in denver to hear mitt romney
on the u.s. consulate in libya and iran's nuclear program are expected to be on the agenda. most polls indicate a very tight race and with just over two weeks to go, tonight's meeting could prove pivotal. susan mcginnis is in washington. >> reporter: the two candidates spent largely out of the public eye intensively preparing for tonight, the president up at camp david, mitt romney in florida. no one would have predict this final debate that isn't even focus don't my could be this critical to the outcome. the stage is set for the third presidential debate. >> this debate matters more than ever before. >> reporter: tonight's focus, foreign policy and there's no shortage of issues. >> after a decade of war, both in afghanistan and iraq, the most important thing we have to do now is bring american troops home. >> imposing sanctions on the iranians. >> we'll do nothing without coordinate be with israel. >> reporter: on sunday, marco rubio said president obama said he tried to keep the focus on the death of bin laden. >> they told us the incident in libya was an uprising. >> reporter: campa
to take effect at year's end, including tax increases and spending cuts. >>> today attack now on the u.s. consulate in libya. one of the men responsible for the security of u.s. diplomatic in libya said he knew there were security issues there long before the deadly attack in benghazi. he's scheduled to testify tomorrow. sheryl atkinson has his story. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel andrew wood last set foot in libya in february to elite a security team with expertise in counterterrorism. from the moment he arrived, he says he saw chaos. >> shooting instances occurred. many instances involving the local security guard force that we were training there. constantly there was battles going on between militias. >> reporter: wood met daily with ambassador christopher stevens to discuss security. was he concerned about security? >> he was. he was constantly concerned about the threats to not just himself, but the entire staff there. >> reporter: was there what you saw as a visible security drawdown during the period of time you were in libya? >> yes. and it began just shortly after i arrived.
of his seven tour de france titles. >> reporter: the decision backs up a ruling from the u.s. anti-doping agency which accuses armstrong of being involved in the most sophisticated and successful doping cover-up the sport has ever seen. investigators say he used performance-enhancing drugs and dodged detection with blood transfusions. armstrong denies ever doping, arguing he passed hundreds of drug tests. the cancer survivor recently stepped down as chairman of his live strong charity and several cycling sponsors pulled their support. the international cycling union thanked armstrong's former teammates who testified against him. and said it is determined to keep the sport clean. >> we've come too far in the fight against doping to return to our past. cycling has a future and something like this must never happen again. >> reporter: the organization said it would not give armstrong's victories to the runners-up because so many of those riders have been linked to doping as well. officials said there would simply be a hole in the record books. tina krause, cbs news. >>> when we return
devastating storms to ever hit the u.s. some 50 million people are in its path. the super storm is expected to combine with a winter storm moving in from the east and cold air streaming down from the arctic. sandy is huge. more than 500 miles across. the monster storm is a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. >> reporter: sandy continues to move up the eastern seaboard, beginning to make a little bit of a turn towards the left. this was expected. it is certainly maintaining its intensity. it may even be getting stronger. pressures are down to 950 millibars. as a meteorologist i can tell you that's a very powerful storm. stronger than any nor'easter that we typically see. the storm will make its way towards the northwest, eventually coming on shore somewhere around the new jersey coastline and because it's coming in perpendicular, this is what we're concerned about. we don't see systems do this. we'll see a big coastal flooding threat, five to 11 feet of coastal flooding, especially at the head of bays. in those nooks and crannies. wind gusts to 85 miles per hour.
disasters in u.s. history, with damages running between $10 and $20 billion. here in new york last night, amateur video caught a massive explosion at con edison substation. the blast knocked out power to tens of thousands in lower manhattan. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: sandy roared ashore south of atlantic city, new jersey, monday evening, packing sustained wind of 80 mile an hour with gusts over 100 miles an hour. the storm blew out windows and flooded streets up and down the east coast. storm cut electricity to more than 2 million homes and businesses. this is video of a power substation exploding in new york. >> we knew that this was going to be a very dangerous storm. the storm has met our expectations. >> reporter: new york city is all but shut down. the powerful storm surge from hurricane sandy pushed waters of the hudson river through the sea wall and onto the walkway. a record storm surge sent tidal water into a major traffic tunnel linking manhattan and brooklyn. also causes a high-rise crane to collapse, left damaging 1,000 feet over midtown, forcing the evacuation
the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed. the white house initially said the violence was related to a protest but later admitted it was a al qaeda linked terrorist attack. >>> either they are misleading the american people incredibly incompetent, you couldn't believe five days after the attack it was based on a riot that never occurred. to say that you're either very income period ten or misleading. >> ambassador father's said he doesn't want his son's death to become a campaign issue. >>> the 4-year-old pakistani girl shot by the taliban has been moved to england for medical treatment. the next few days are critical for malala yousufzai. she was shot in the head by the taliban nearly a week ago for promoting girls education and criticizing the militant group. pakistani doctors say she needs more surgery and rehabilitation. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow for arlen specter. he died yesterday following a long battle with cancer. he was 82 years old. specter was a republican turned democrat who was ousted from office. sharyl a
sprint-nextel corporation. sprint is the third largest cell phone company in the u.s. it continues to lose high paying subscribers to verizon and at&t. it is valued at about $13 billion. the price of corn jumped 5% on the commodities market and will mean higher prices for meats and other products that contain corn. throughout damaged corn for december delivery finished at $7.73 a bushel on thursday. the agriculture department expects the harvest will be the smallest in six years. the drought in the corn belt is the worst in half a century. and a penny more for your thoughts at least if you're planning to mail them the financially strapped postal service said. the price of a first class letter will go up one cent in january to 46 cents. rates will increase for other services. the postal service lost more than $5 billion last year. >> one cent isn't that bad. >>> straight ahead. your friday morning weather and in sports more late inning magic in baseball's post-season. find out who is moving on and who is going home. who is moving on and who is going home. >>> here's a look at the we
this morning. thank you. republicans continue to press the administration over the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed. the white house initially said the violence was related to a protest but later admitted it was an al qaeda linked terrorist attack. yesterday lindsey graham charged the administration people didn't want to know al qaeda remains a threat. >>> either they are misleading the american people incredibly incompetent, there was no way with anybody looking at all that five days after the attack it was based on a riot that never occurred. to say that you're either very incompetent or misleading. >> ambassador father's said he doesn't want his son's death to become a campaign issue. he said the security issue has to be objectively examined. >>> the 14-year-old pakistani girl shot by the taliban has been moved to england for medical treatment. the next few days are critical for malala yousufzai. she was shot in the head by the taliban nearly a week ago for promoting girls education and criticizing the militant group. pakistani doct
the wars in iraq or afghanistan. the u.s. government gives them $65,000 to build or modify a home. it often costs several times that. that has led to a new mission for the tunnel to towers foundation. it began after 9/11 to honor new york firefighter steven siller who ran through the brooklyn battery tunnel to the twin towers and gave his life trying to save others. his brother, frank siller is the foundation's chairman and says they will build 11 new homes for wounded veterans this year. >> they want their own life. these are americans that paid a big price. the houses have to be designed for them to live comfortably, not just today but for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: with private donations, they built this $600,000 home for dominguez in california where he wanted to live. >> tuck them against the walls. it will be fine. >> reporter: the house has an elevator and an ipad that allows him to control the lighting, the shades and open the front door. >> this is my favorite feature of the house. >> the microwave. >> reporter: everything is now within reach. >> you push that and the ca
in u.s. history. sandy could cost another 10 to 30 billion dollars in lost business. sandy made its impact late monday night and early tuesday morning so when the sun came up yesterday we got a picture of the devastation it left behind. the eastern coastline may never look the same. sandy literally brought the ocean to the door steps of beach front homes. in new jersey a roller coaster enjoyed by generations of beach goers now sits in the atlantic ocean. the record storm surge tossed a boat on the train tracks, but with rail service suspended no trains were in danger of hitting. the storm ranged from north carolina, where a coastal road washed away to inland areas which saw blizzard conditions. northward to maine where massive waves crashed ashore. to the midwest where the storm stirred up the great lakes. here in new york travel within the city was made difficult. subways flooded and a fleet of taxicabs was left under water. the hurricane force winds fueled a fire that decimated a community that left many to wonder what to do next. this morning much of lower manhattan remains in da
're on the air about 25 minutes earlier than normal. a live look at the u.s. capitol withtemperatures in the mid- 50s as hurricane sandy approaches. >> good morning. welcome to the special edition of 9news now. today is monday, october 29. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani will have what is there for timesaver traffic coming up in a little bit. howard bernstein will have the latest on sandy. we begin with the impact it's already having right here at home. >> that means government and schools. the federal government is closed today and most local governments are also closed. >> emergency personnel are still asked to report in, however. every major public transportation agency is closed today. metro transit, vre, almost every flight to our region has already been canceled. call your airline is the advice. marc is shut down. amtrak canceled most of its trains as well. >> and today is a day off for most school systems in our area. this is the place to get the latest information. >>> good morning. thank you again for joining us. we're glad you're with us. here's monika. let's talk
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